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The phone is a great tool when selling from a call- or supportcenter. With DIBS mail and phone payments, you can take care of the payment directly while having the customer on the line. 

Get the card details over the phone, and enter them directly in a secure online environment, or send the customer a mail including a link to our payment window, and they can enter the details on their own. 


  • No need for technical integrations
  • Complete an order while your customer is on the phone with you - and get paid instantly
  • Let your customers pay with both local and international currencies
  • Specific mail with a unique link to the payment window

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Mail and phone

When using DIBS mail and phone you will get a log in to DIBS Administration tool.

While having the customer on the line, you can enter the card details directly in a safe DIBS environment, and get an instant confirmation for the payment. If you want, it is also possible to integrate DIBS Mail and phone with your backoffice systems fx ERP or CRM.

  • No integration needed
  • Supply your customers a quick an smooth service
  • Easy administration

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With Linkpay you can easily send an email to your customer with a link to DIBS Payment Window.

No integration with a webshop is needed to start accepting payments with Linkpay. The service is also responsive, which means your customers can pay through their mobile phones.

LinkPay is particularly useful:

  • When customers are placing orders by phone or email
  • You want to charge customers abroad
  • When you need to add extra amounts to the original order. e.g. shipping fee

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