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Password and Login information

Your password must contain:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least one capital letter (within the first 8 characters)
  • At least one lowercase letter (within the first 8 characters)
  • Minimum one number (within the first 8 characters)
  • Your password should also not contain æ, ø, å or other special characters.

You can change the password in the DIBS Administration under the menu “Setup” and “User setup”.

The password can also be changed by using the “forgotten password” link on the login website.

You will then be sent an email to your admin email address, with a link where you can change the password.

Your DIBS account will automatically get unlocked after 30 min.

The email address can be found in your DIBS Administration under “Setup” and “Edit profile”. 

By default the username is the same as your DIBS Merchant ID. You can find your DIBS merchant ID on your welcome email from DIBS.

Your DIBS merchant ID can also be found in the DIBS Administration and under the menu “Setup” and “Edit profile”.

Your DIBS merchant ID can be found in the DIBS administration [Setup-->Edit profile].

The ID can also be found on the DIBS invoices and in the DIBS welcome email.


You need to make a new agreement with the desired acquirer. When the agreement is ready the acquirer will send us your new agreement.

Upon receiving the new agreement DIBS sales support will contact you via email in order to arrange for the change.
Before changing an agreement all new transactions under the previous acquirer agreement must be captured.

For how to capture an agreement please see the FAQ in your DIBS Administration. 

When we receive your agreement, we will send you an email informing you that we have received the information.

Depending on the agreement, it can take up to 7-business days before VISA and MasterCard activate the agreement with them.

When the payments types are active we will send you a new email informing you what currencies and card types are activated on your account. 

Usually the acquirers contact information is listed in your acquirer agreement.

Transactions and payments

The marking of suspect payments is an anti-fraud feature that is activated by default in the DIBS Administration.

DIBS monitors all payments that come through our systems and this feature will flag a payment as suspect if there e.g. has been several unsuccessful payment attempts from the same card or IP address prior to the successful payment, as this can be a possible sign of fraud.

To check why the transaction is suspect you simply just click the red text which says ”suspect” and a pop-up window will appear with an explanation as well as the option to capture or cancel the transaction. 

For more information go to [Integration-->Fraud Protection] in the DIBS Administration and click the question mark in the top right corner.

This is typically caused by two different issues:

  1. The customer has placed an order in the web shop but for some reason never made it to the payment window.
  2. The customer made a payment in the payment window but DIBS never received a response from the acquirer (or bank if it was a direct bank payment).


You should investigate whether you received the money on your bank account and contact DIBS support afterwards.

This depends on the agreement you’ve made with your acquirer in the same way as with captured transactions.

Normally it will take about 3-5 days.

If the customer uses a credit card they will normally receive a bank statement at the end of every month where they can see an overview of transaction as well as refunds.

In other words if you make a refund 1st of September the customer won’t be able to see this until the end of the month. If the customer contacts their card issuing bank they can get hold of this information earlier.

The time it takes for the money from a captured transaction to get to your bank account depends on what agreement you’ve made with your acquirer/acquiring bank.

With some acquirers it can be 1-3 days, for others it might be up to 30 days. 

Even though you cancelled the transaction, the money might still be reserved by the acquirer or the customers’ bank. DIBS or the acquirer will not be able to release the reservation.

Depending on which bank the customer has the bank might be able to manually release the reservation. The bank will automatically release the reservation after approximately 30 days maximum.

Only the customer’s bank can tell if the reservation can be released earlier.

We have created a guide on how to create a daily report. By following the guide, you will see exactly the same information as shown in the previous feature “Daily report” in DIBS Administration.

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