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DIBS provides a number of API´s, giving you full flexibility to design your own transaction handling flow and the related processes. You can also use our transactional API´s to automate your manual transaction handling processes.

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  • The service, generatevouchers.cgi makes it easy to create all kinds of vouchers in one go. To use the voucher feature, you need to order DIBS voucher.

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  • 3dsecure.cgi
    This service perfoms a 3Dsecure authorisation. The card number will be checked against Visa or MasterCard. If the card number is enrolled in the 3Dsecure program, the customer will be redirected to the customers’ card issuer’s page to perform the authentication process.
  • auth.cgi
    This service performs the first part of a credit card transaction (the authorization). The authorization includes e.g. credit- and debit card control and reserves the required amount for later capture. Please contact your acquirer(s) if you would like to use this API, since they might require a PCI certification.
  • reauth.cgi
    This service performs a re-authorisation. This function may be relevant if the goods cannot be shipped to the customer within the fixed number of days an authorised transaction is legally binding.
  • capture.cgi
    The second part of any transaction is the capture process (e.g. auth.cgi). Usually this action is performed when the goods are shipped to the consumer. Sometimes it might be beneficial to process a bulk of transaction in one operation. A bulk-capture, -refund and –ticket capture is available in DIBS by transferring a file with the transactions in question to the DIBS server via FTP. Please contact DIBS support (link) for set up details.
  • refund.cgi
    This service refunds a captured transaction and transfer the money back to the card holder’s account.
  • cancel.cgi
    This service cancels an authorization, provided that the acquirer supports reversals. The acquirer system automatically releases any reserved amount.
  • changestatus.cgi
    This service allows changing the status of a specific transaction on the DIBS server.
  • ticket_auth.cgi
    This service performs a credit- and debit card check and saves the credit card information for recurring payments.

    The service requires:
    A recurring agreement with your acquirer (e.g. Nets / Euroline)
    DIBS Recurring payment agreement
  • delticket.cgi
    This service is for deleting tickets. With this function the ticket itself and its corresponding fixed transactions rules are deleted.

    The service requires:
    Recurring agreement with your acquirer (e.g. Nets / Euroline)
  • suppl_auth.cgi (valid in DK only)
    This service performs a supplementary authorisation of a null-authorised card transaction, as a first step of complete a transaction capture.

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  • callback.cgi
    This service allows merchants to pull for callback information.
  • cardtype.cgi
    This service is used for receiving the credit card type for a specific transaction. In combination with auth.cgi it is possible to check whether the credit card entered by the customer is the type given by the customer.
  • confirmtransact.cgi
    This service is used for confirming that a particular transaction was successfully registered on the DIBS server and the payment has been authorised.
  • payinfo.cgi
    This service retrieves information regarding a specific transaction.
  • status.pml
    This service checks the current connection to the acquirer(s) you are using. It is continuously monitored by our server.
  • transimg.cgi
    This service checks the current status of a transaction. The response is one of three icons indicating the status.

    Please note that an alternative to transimg.cgi is the service transstat.cgi, which returns a number indicating the status for a transaction, rather than an icon.
  • transinfo.cgi
    This service retrieves status and other transaction information for a specific transaction.
  • transstat.cgi
    This service checks the current status of a transaction. The response is sent as a number – each number represents a status.

    Please note that the service transimg.cgi is an alternative to transstat.cgi, which returns an icon indicating the status for a transaction, rather than a number.
  • transstatus.pml
    This service returns the status of a transaction in DIBS.

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  • The services danskenet.cgi (Danske Bank) and solo_payment.cgi (Nordea in Denmark) open the customer’s Internet bank, process the transaction through the internet bank, and return the transaction information to the web-shop.

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  • Bulk
    Sometimes it might be beneficial to process a bulk of transactions in one operation, instead of capturing and refunding transactions through DIBS Administration or using capture.cgi. A bulk-capture, -refund and –ticket capture is available in DIBS through transferring a file with the transactions to the DIBS server via FTP.
  • MD5-Key control
    We offer MD5-Key control in order to secure that the data is not tampered with during the transfer from your server to the DIBS server, due to errors, hacking etc.
  • Order information in DIBS
    We also offer the option to store order information in the DIBS system, e.g. order content, customer information, delivery address etc.
  • Simple text reply
    Sometimes it might be beneficial to receive responses from the DIBS server in a simple text format instead of the default HTML format.

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