DIBS makes the customers feel important

DIBS offer scalability and a large variety of currencies which added to the rapid growth of OnePiece.


Over the past year, OnePice opened nine stores in Europe and the U.S. DIBS has supplied payment solutions to OnePiece since 2007. We are proud to follow OnePieces adventure in Norway and in the rest of the world. OnePice is a good example of growing with DIBS and has grown rapidly in recent years. Jumpsuits is now available online worldwide, in addition OnePiece own conseptstores in Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Germany and Unites States.

“We have felt like a valued customer from day one!” Thomas Adams, OnePiece.

When OnePiece choose payment provider, it is important that there is a simple administration panel for payment approvals, refunds and excellent search capabilities. OnePiece’s experience is that DIBS is a provider that takes the customers seriously and provide great customer service. DIBS have also been very helpful on the road to expansion. OnePiece chose DIBS because of the best solution with the best price, in addition the DIBS payment system was easy to integrate with their platform.

Do you want to feel important and offer a safe payment gateway? Call DIBS on +47 21 55 44 00.

We make payments easy.


OnePiece in Brief

OnePiece Jump In was established in 2007 by three friends from Oslo. The idea was based in the dream of creating the ultimate chill-out outfit, perfect for lazy Sundays at home. By simply stitching together a hoodie and a pair of jogging pants, the first OnePiece jumpsuit was born. The jumpsuits was basically explicitly intended for use at home, but they quickly grew a life of their own and ventured out from people’s homes and into the streets. The philosophy behind the brand is simple and clear: Spontaneous, not too serious, not too cool. Confident with no worries, so jump in and join us.


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