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Published 19.12.14

Our issue with instability with DIBS Payment Window  is now resolved, and everything is back to normal operation. We are actively investigating the root cause of the issue and will take proper actions.

If you are missing some callbacks related to the issues we had on the 17th and 18th the callbacks will be re-sent during today

Published 18.12.14

Instability with DIBS Payment Window

On Dec 17th starting around 4:45 PM DIBS experienced issues with the callback mechanism which sends an update to the web shop systems that a payment has been registered.

As a consequence, the customer might not have received an order confirmation from your systems even if the payment was successfully made. The customer might have tried to make a new payment resulting in duplicate authorization or captures.


What should I do with duplicate authorizations or captures.

A customer might have made several unique payments for the same order. Any duplicate payments can be cancelled / refunded in the DIBS Administration.

In your DIBS Administration you can find an overview of all accepted payments. We recommend that you manually verify whether the payments in DIBS are linked to a successful order in your systems.


If you find a payment in DIBS on an order with incomplete status in the webshop, you can try to manually update the order and capture the transaction in your DIBS Administration.

Instability with DIBS Payment window

Starting around 9:25 PM till 11 PM yesterday December 17th and today, 18th of December, from 9:30 AM till 9:45 AM,  an operation disturbance occurred.

Please give us a call at or send an e-mail if you have any concerns; http://www.dibspayment.com/customer_support


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