DIBS caters to the online needs of Sweden's largest theater

Stockholm Stadsteater has been a loyal customer in DIBS for the past 10 years. The reason is a combination of easy-integrated solutions, great tech support and reliable operation

Stockholm Stadsteater

Stockholm Stadsteater is Sweden's largest theater with more than 400.000 visitors every year. The theater makes most of their sales through their website, why it is crucial that their online payment solution is reliable and easy to use.

"So fair, we been very pleased with DIBS overall performance - and especially with their tech support"

Stockholm Stadsteater made their own booking system from scratch, and by means of DIBS' plug-and-play solutions it has been easy to integrate the various payment methods within the design and lay-out.

Stockholms Stadsteater AB was founded 1956 and started its theater activity four years later. They are now operating from Kulturhuset in central Stockholm - a cluster of scenes, administration, and workshops making costumes and scenery for 25-30 plays each year.

Would you also like a plug-and-play and user-friendly payment solution? Call DIBS at +45 7020 3077. We make online shopping easy.

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