DIBS improve the shopping experience and eliminates fraud

DIBS offer scalability and a large variety of payment methods which added to the rapid growth of Top Streetwear

Top Streetwear

Top Streetwears’ stage of expansion required a payment provider with a wide range of secure payment method suiting the preferences of customers in several countries.

DIBS anti-fraud solutions have also contributed to eliminate fraud which was previously occurring for Top Streetwear.
- You should make it easy for the customer and through DIBS, we offer all payment methods for customers to choose from. It must be as broad as possible and only DIBS can provide the breadth, says Sïmon Saneback.

Top Streetwear came in contact with DIBS in 2008 when Pangora, one of DIBS technology partners, were working on their site. Having already successfully expanded into several new countries, with customers worldwide, Top Streetwear is set to take on Europe.

New markets mean new payment preferences and when entering Finland with DIBS, the right payment options were offered from the beginning. Making it easy for the customer is a top priority at Top Streetwear and while working with DIBS, Top Streetwear has doubled their sales every year.

Top Streetwear had some previous issues with fraud. To overcome the problems DIBS anti-fraud solutions were implemented. Among other things, the country of origin of the card and the location where the purchase is completed are matched. DIBS anti-fraud solutions, banking security and the strict procedures of Top Streetwear have reduced fraud to zero.

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Top Streetwear in brief
Top Streetwear has gone from running a shop in Stockholm to being the largest e-tailer in street and hip-hop fashion in Scandinavia. Mike Abrodi and Sïmon Saneback started the e-commerce venture a few years ago and since then, sales have doubled every year. The online store now has 36 employees, accounting for 90% of sales. The secret is to focus on the target audience, offer the best range and being the hardest working in the business, says Sïmon Saneback.

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